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East London Beef Biltong, Sliced, Pre-Pack 50g

East London Beef Biltong, Sliced, Pre-Pack 50g
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East London Beef Biltong​, Sliced, Pre-Pack 50g 

Lightly Salted & Jalepeno Peppered Biltong giving that delicious moreish taste.

Our Biltong is made by hand. It may sometimes take a little longer to be delivered as it is made fresh to order to guarantee that you have fresh Biltong. As it is made fresh you may choose from a few options, do you like your Biltong Wet, Medium, Dry or perhaps have a Mixture? In addition, choose whether you like to have fatty biltong, lean biltong or once again have a mixture? All our Biltong is produced in our 5 STAR food hygiene awarded EU approved kitchen. Our Biltong has been the backbone of our success. Enjoy!!

Once you have placed your order, you will immediately receive ‘Care Instructions’, these can be found in the download section of your online account.

Our Beef Biltong is an ideal low calorie, high protein snack made using only the finest ingredients and prepared and stored in a sterile environment of which continuously proves a 5* hygiene rating from the Food Hygiene Standards of the United Kingdom. We ensure that regular testing is carried out of our products to ensure that it meets EU standards and meets the nutritional information as outlined below as a standard.

Beef Biltong in the modern day has now taken off as a snack eaten by many people across the world with regards to the high protein side of the product and to this day we sell so much Biltong to body builders, health fanatics, sports centres, gyms, mountaineers, premier league footballers and rugby players of whom many of the SA team have visited our shop on numerous occasions.

Should you have any questions on our products then please call us on 01291 673746 or email

Calculated values based on USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference NDB No: 23028

Nutrient Units Value Per 100g
Water g 28
Energy kcal 249
Energy kj 1040
Protein g 39
Total Lipid Fat g 10
Sugars, total g trace
Carbohydrate g 10
Fibre g 0.0
Minerals - -
Calcium mg 9
Iron mg 4.4
Magnesium mg 42
Phosphorus mg 369
Potassium mg 603
Salt mg 4
Zinc mg 6.4
Copper mg 0.23
Manganese mg 0.022
Selenium mcg 57
Vitamins - -
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid mg 0.0
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) mg 0.14
Vitamin B-12 mcg 7.6
Betaine mg 22
Vitamin B-6 mg 1.26
Pantothenic Acid mg 1.2
Niacin mg 11.2
Thiamin mg 0.127
Riboflavin mg 0.357
Tocopherol, beta mg 0.0175
Tocopherol, gamma mg 0.035
Lipids - -

Fatty acids, total saturated

g 3.5
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated g 4.3
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated g 0.54
Fatty acids, total trans g 0.295
Fatty acids, total trans-monoenoic g 0.231
Cholesterol mg 107


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