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We produce premium quality Biltong products which we supply to customers throughout the United Kingdom and Europe/ World. Biltong2u Ltd is the world leader, with over 30 years experience of making Biltong, Boerewors & Droewors. Customers can order online or visit our shop which is stocked full of South African Biltong, Groceries and Crafts. Our company is renowned for our good tasty Biltong and we have an extensive range of products.

Amidst the fantastic range of meat products found here at Biltong2u Ltd and our expertise in our continuation of producing the best Biltong, we bring the very best products from the heart of our homeland in South Africa to the shores of the UK allows us to bring you the very best groceries and African crafts.


Located within a prime spot within the middle of some of the most beautiful Welsh rolling scenery, you would be most unexpected to find a South African food shop brimming with wonderful authentic produce specially imported to the UK. Here at Biltong2u Ltd we operate a terrific business providing customers across the UK and Europe with a terrific range of genuine South African foods and consumables.

In addition to the South African meats and groceries, we keep various items in stock throughout the year, from crafted items and decorative gifts, to household cleaners; laundry soap and insect repellent, even jewellery, cooking pots (Potjie Pots) and cosmetics that otherwise are difficult to come by within the UK. As we list so many items and clothing together in one place, it is easy to find a wide selection of obtainable and sorely missed items that can be purchased to suit your requirements.

Either delivering to your door or welcoming you with a fond greeting at our store, discover how our vast selections of produce and specialty items with catch your imagination today. Call today for details.