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FAQS: Buy 4 Get 1 Free Offers

Frequently Asked Questions
Buy 4 Get 1 Free offers by Biltong2u Ltd

Q. What is the offer?
A. Very simply, you order and pay for four (4) bags of the qualifying product and we send you an extra one (1) free.

Q. What do I need to do/order so that I get my free bag?
A. Simply just add 4 bags of the qualifying product to the shopping cart - we get a nofication that you don't see so that we send out out an extra bag. Don't expect anything to show in the shopping cart.

Q. How do I know what is a qualifying product?
A. In the title, the product name will show plus **Buy 4 Get 1 free**
Q. Can I order mixed qualifying products in order to qualify?
A. No, it must be the same product in order to get your free bag. For example: 4 x Ouma's Traditional 100g Bags. You will then be sent an extra bag of Ouma's Traditional 100g free.
Q. How many free bags can I get per order?
A. As many as you order - if you order 8 bags of a qualifying product you will get 2 free bags, if you order 12 bags you will get 3 free bags etc.
Q. I am a Biltong2u Club Member - am I still eligable?
A. Yes of course.
Q. Do I still get reward points for the free bag?
A. Unfortunately not, you do get reward points for the 4 bags you have paid for.
Q. How do I know when the promotion ends?
A. We don't advertise the end date, but should the title show **Buy 4 Get 1 Free** then you will get your free bag.
Q. Where do I find a list of the qualifying products?
A. We don't have a list, however at the moment most 50g or 100g bags of biltong are in the promotion.
Q. I still have another question, how do I contact you?
A. Email us at or write to us on facebook for an almost immediate response.