6 things every camper needs

So you think you’d like to go camping. You’ve bought the tent, you know where you’re going and now you’re looking forward to a long weekend of hiking and being at one with nature.

To help you make sure it’s a perfect weekend we’ve put together our top 6 things that every camper needs with them.

Stove: You’re going to want to whip a hot meal together, but how’re you going to do that in the wild.

A stove. Buy a good one and it should come with all the pots and pans you’ll need to prepare a hearty meal.

Sleeping: After a long day hiking you’ll want somewhere comfortable to lay your head. But the hard earth isn’t comfortable.

So purchase a sleeping mattress and bag. Make sure it’s light too. Just in case you end up having to carry it around!

Snacks: Those long walks will make you hungry and you’ll need something to provide energy on your way. The best snack available is biltong. It’s delicious and it’ll give you all the energy you need to hike that hill!

Get in touch with us or browse our store to find the biltong perfect for your camping trip.

First-aid: You need to make sure you’re safe out there. So if one of you takes a fall, you have the necessary equipment to treat the injury. Make sure you take a first-aid kit with you every time.

It could end up saving your life!

Pocket knife: You shouldn’t go camping without a trusty pocket knife,. Full of useful tools you should never underestimate their usefulness. Cut your meat, open a bottle of wine, trim your wild, wild beard.

There’s always a use for a pocket knife!

A map: Never go anywhere camping without a map. If you get lost, it could be hours before you’re found or you find your way back to camp. If you always have a map and compass you’ll always be able to make your way home!

Good luck camping, and remember! Don’t go without your biltong.