Biltong: 5 FAQ

In terms of dried meat snacks jerky has lead the way over here for years. But it does have a competitor. And not many people know about it.

What is it? Biltong.

And to help you get to know this delicious snack a little better, we’ve covered 5 of them most frequently asked questions about it right here.

#1 – What is it?

Probably the most common question about biltong - It’s a cured meat that originated in South Africa, and various meats can be used to create it - from beef to game. Indigenous South Africans learned how to preserve meat without refrigeration which was an early form of Biltong.

#2 – What’s the difference between jerky and biltong?

So why should you try biltong over jerky? Is there a difference? Well, biltong is dry cured not cooked and uses no preservatives. Jerky is saturated, cooked and uses preservatives. This means that biltong has a softer texture to chew, and offers a very distinctive taste.

#3 – When should I eat it?

Biltong is a great snack food. It tastes wonderful and it’s healthy. So the next time you want to pull out a bag of sweets or crisps, don’t bother! Pick up some jerky. The ideal lunch box snack, dinner food or pre-workout chew!

#4 – How long can it be stored for?

Because it contains some moisture, once it’s opened it should be refrigerated. Make sure you read the packaging for a best before by date!

#5 – Where can I get some?

Biltong has started to spread. It’s now a popular snack here in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Unite States and more.

If you’re looking for biltong in the UK then you’ve come to the right place. We provide the finest biltong possible and deliver throughout mainland UK.

So get in touch today to try some of this amazing snack!